What Garry’s up to?

What Garry’s up to?

Garry has a very much hands on friendly approach and accompanies each and every Merry Men Archery and Buzz Adventures no matter how small. He’s always on hand to offer advice on trips and ensures your booking proceeds seamlessly. Garry has spent the majority of his life travelling the world, visiting some of the worlds most remote places from the coldest Arctic to the jungles of Borneo. He has also climbed some of the worlds highest peaks. He has climbing, mountaineering, survival and medical skills. He is also a qualified ski instructor, first Aid, PADI qualified diver and instructor. He has been taught by some of the world’s leading bushcraft/survival instructors, including the TV personality Ray Mears. Garry’s great personality and expedition skills and knowledge make him an invaluable member of the team.

Reptile survey now complete

13th November

It’s now time to press on with the planning application process

Planning process

27th Nov 2013

I’ve just commissioned the planning consultant, ecologist and landscape architect to begin the long planning process.

A site meeting has been arranged for Thursday and Friday 5th and 6th Dec for all to attend.

Exciting times ahead and the magical journey begins.

Winter fast approaching

With temperatures set to drop rapidly next week, we’re getting ready for our Halloween night on the 2nd November.

Reptile survey

Having commissioned a reptile survey at the beginning of September for our ‘Go Wild At The Warren’ project, the ecologist has almost completed the survey, and we’ll be expecting the report through in the next week or so. I don’t believe we have any concerns for the areas of the car park and zip wire, so good news all round.

Exciting news

Just been asked to design a UK Hunger Games tournament to celebrate the New ‘Catching Fire’ Hunger Games film.

Am waiting to hear if it goes ahead.

Here’s wishing my lovely son Teddy a very happy 14th birthday.

Tomorrow I have the first technical visit to the forest about our new zip wire project. Let’s hope the superman style zip wire can be done!

Latest news!

Initial consultations with the Wealden District council have proved very negative for the zip wire, due to the potential increase in vehicular traffic into the 7km business exclusion zone around the Ashdown forest. I’m in talks with David Broom who is an ecologist, and we’re quite hopeful of a positive outcome.

Stay tuned!

The Warren shooting ranges

Having just finished building our fantastic new shooting ranges, Garry is now setting his sights on a superman style zip wire project. Meetings will be taking
place over next couple of weeks, and a site chosen for the zip wire.